This weekend’s rides: Liberty Hill! Red Horn!

Thanks to Trump this weekend actually looks completely rideable! It will be the best weekend ever. No other weekend will be better than this one. Its gonna be the best.

Saturday we will get some longer miles, which are waaaaay overdue, by heading up to the Liberty Hill store and back via Round Mountain. The route is 76 miles long and will be super fun! The route is here: A similar route only that shaves off 10 miles can be an option for those so inclined ( After the ride we meet up at Lakeside for some discounted burgers and beer!

Sunday is our usual Coffee Shop ride to Red Horn. It is 50 miles and is at an endurance pace typically finishing around a 17mph average speed overall. While we make great efforts to keep the group together, this is NOT a no drop ride. If you cannot hang with the group after repeated regrouping, you may get dropped. Red Horn is 20 miles away and is where we stop for coffee, breakfast tacos, pastries, and socializing before finishing the rest of the ride. The route can be found here: .

Both rides leave from Cups & Cones at 8:30 am. Come early on Saturdays to grab some coffee, kolaches, and donuts! Support our local ride start shop!

See you soon!

One thought on “This weekend’s rides: Liberty Hill! Red Horn!

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