Ride Maps

Saturday’s we like to mix it up a little and generally tackle one of the routes below. Sunday’s you’ll find us on the Red Horn Coffee Shop route.

All rides start from the parking lot in front of Cups & Cones at 7:30 am or 8:30 am and changes during seasons. Be sure to check the weekly ride post for the exact time.

Common SRC Road Bike Routes

The club also regularly takes part in local cycling events in and around Austin.

If you’re simply searching for some other shorter routes around the Steiner Ranch area, here is a more comprehensive list you might find useful!

Other routes around Steiner Ranch

  • Parmer / Ronald Reagan – 53.2 miles out and back.  Flat ride.
  • Steiner Hills – 19 miles and 1584 ft of climbing; taking on all the hills you can find in the neighborhood
  • Steiner Loop – 13.5 miles and 1078 ft of climbing; on the main route
  • Lime Creek / Anderson Loop – 31 miles and 2027 ft of climbing; an easy return
  • River Place / Ski Shores- 28 miles and 2700 ft of climbing; of burger and beer fun
  • River Place Short Loop – 19 miles and 1700 ft of climbing
  • Dam Under – 8 miles and 1040 ft of climbing; to check out the hike & bike only road
  • Big Dam Loop – 45 miles and 2790 ft of climbing; includes Anderson to 2244
  • Little Dam Loop – 35 miles and 2648 ft of climbing; speed down 2222 and back 2244
  • North 360 Loop – 31 miles and 2114 ft of climbing; cut through River Place to 360 then back on Spicewood
  • Fitzhugh Loop – 57 miles and 3402 ft of climbing
  • Cozy Cove – 45 miles and about 3,200 ft of climbing
  • Cuernavaca Ride – 40 miles and about 2,000 ft of climbing
  • Tour de Steiner Ranch – 24 miles and about 1,100 ft of climbing.
  • Dam Loop (via Cuernavaca) – 42 miles and 3,500 ft of climbing.
  • Triple B’s – Approximately 50 miles and 2,000ft of climbing; scenic, hills and fast
  • Avery Ranch Loop – Approximately 48 miles and flat.
  • Tour das Hugel – 112 miles and over 5,000 ft of climbing; The Austin Ultimate Ride
Mountain Bike Routes
Per the HOA we can’t post routes or maps, but we can link to the builders images and you can download the HOA’s PDF here.