12/26 & 12/27 rides: Long Ride to Liberty Hill! Red Horn!

Merry Christmas, SRC!

Many people are out of town or otherwise being forced to spend time with our demanding families. A few people, at least, have indicated that they can get away for our regular Saturday ride. If you can make it, a nice long ride up Parmer and over to the Liberty Hill store would be a great way to burn off some of that eggnog. If that doesn’t appeal to those that show, the route can be changed to satisfy. When we finish we can hang out over some discounted burgers and beer at Lakeside.

Sunday is our usual Coffee Shop ride to Red Horn. It is 50 miles and is at a more relaxed pace than our Saturday rides, but we typically finish with a 17mph average speed overall. Red Horn is 18 miles away and is where we stop for coffee, breakfast tacos, pastries, and socializing before finishing the rest of the ride.

Both rides depart from Cups & Cones at 8:30 am.

See you soon!


2 thoughts on “12/26 & 12/27 rides: Long Ride to Liberty Hill! Red Horn!

  1. Hi Thomas,
    I’m really not sure how to contact you so thought I would ask here. I’m brand new to Steiner so question. Is there a way to ride my mountain bike from Steiner to RiverPlace but not using 620/2222?

    From what I can tell on some maps, maybe going down Quinlan to the water and then maybe there are trails that meet? Appreciate any advice you or others can provide!

    Thank you in advance!

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