6/20-6/21 Oasis Brewery and Jester King Father’s Day Ride! (SUNDAY IS 8:30 START)

Hello lovely SRC! You are lookin’ tight (that was not a comment about our new Elite Craft jerseys).

This weekend is a great mixup. Saturday is the 3rd weekend of the month and that means we end up at the Oasis Brewery for some suds, grubs, and hangin out in crusty/sweaty spandex! We will leave from Cups & Cones at the usual 7:30am for a nice 58ish mile ride northwest up to Nameless road and Round Mountain. We have done this route once before and it has some very nice roads (except that construction zone that Eric took us through :-). The country store in Liberty Hill will be our refuel spot (where its a good idea to have some cash instead of credit). Ending the ride at the brewery sure has been fun the last few times… join us! We will have different ride groups at different speeds, so don’t be nervous about coming.

Sunday is Father’s Day! For many of us (you badass lady riders are included of course), that means its OUR day to do whatever the heck we wanna. That obviously includes riding bikes, eating pizza, and drinkin beer. This obviously means we ride ONE-WAY to Jester King Brewery where we meet up with our loving families. Each of your families have personally called me to tell me that they are very grateful that you exercise regularly and take great care of yourselves. They each told me that this is a great idea and the would love to support you in this wonderful celebration of being a father. The trick is that they won’t be ready for us until around 11:30 so we have to start a bit late or ride long. I have a 40 mile route that should get us there about the right time at a very casual pace (it is Sunday after all) if we leave at 8:30am. Route is here: http://www.mapmyride.com/routes/view/751139273. Note that this is a Sunday ride and the pace should be light, easy, and social. ***8:30 AM*** departure from Cups & Cones! THIS IS ONE HOUR LATER THAN USUAL (THIS WEEKEND ONLY).

See you soon!

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