8/1 & 8/2 Rides: Cozy Cove! Red Horn!


Is it too hot for you? No! Maybe for those other guys in [insert rival club name here], but not us! Saturday let’s get all sweaty together and check out the brutal climbing that is our Cozy Cove ride. This version has a quick lap around Pace Bend Park which requires $3 cash, so don’t miss out! Total distance is only 57 miles, but don’t forget about the 3000+ feet of climbing fun. Depart from Cups & Cones at the usual 7:30am. There will be 2 distinct groups: stupid folks that try to kill each other with hammering and those that know better. Pick your poison at the gate. Click here for the route.

Sunday we will repeat our 50 mile ride to Red Horn Coffee House & Brewing Company at a casual pace where we enjoy some caffeine and socializing. Those wanting to keep it short can do a straight out-and-back for around 36 miles total. This has been quite a nice ride recently and we plan on repeating it until someone has another suggestion. Please… if this ride isn’t what you want speak up! Click here for the route.

Please check out the SRC postings on the Bike Austin web site (previously Austin Cycling Association) for further details: https://www.austincycling.org/rides


ps – bacon fat not only tastes good, but works on your saddle sores. just don’t use it in that order.

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