8/22 & 8/23 Rides: Mellow Johnny’s Field Trip! Red Horn Coffee Shop!


Saturday will be the 4th Saturday of the month, and that means field trip time. This month we will join Mellow Johnny’s for their regular rides. There are two ride options depending on how fast and far you want to go. First there is the ‘Middle of the Road Ride’ (MOTR) which departs from Mellow Johnny’s at 8:30 for 30-40 miles at 15-20 mph. Details are here: http://mellowjohnnys.com/rides-events/middle-of-the-road-ride . Those wanting a bit more will join the ‘MJ 100k’ ride which departs from Mellow Johnny’s at 8 (30 minutes earlier than the MOTR) for 62 miles of 18-22mph fun. Details are here: http://mellowjohnnys.com/rides-events/mj-100k . Whee!

Sunday is our standard Red Horn Coffee Shop ride. We depart from Cups & Cones in Steiner Ranch at 7:30am (SHARP!) for a 50 mile ride that stops at Red Horn for some coffee, pastries, and socializing before returning. It is possible, but frowned upon :-), to head straight back after Red Horn for a 36 mile ride instead of completing the ride with your friends. This is a relaxed pace ride, but we have been averaging overall 16-17 mph.

See you all soon!

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