It is time for our new SRC kits! Fit parties are *this week*!

We have selected the vendor for our next generation kits: Eliel (! This week we will have two sessions for you to come check out the jerseys and bibs and try them on. This is your only opportunity to be sure of your size. We will be placing orders a few weeks later and you will want to be sure of your sizes!

Both sessions will be at the UT Golf Club (probably outside near the bar) at 5:30pm. First session is Wednesday which is more awesomer cuz it will be happy hour the whole time. Second session is Friday. Be sure to wear tight fitting underwear (no going commando while trying them on). The club has legit locker rooms for changing.

Please RSVP to the appropriate Wednesday or Friday event on the SRC Facebook page ( You can come to both sessions if you just wanna hang out or get a second look.

These new kits are going to look super awesome. The design will be similar to our current kits to preserve the brand, but Brandon has some excellent plans for a design refresh. Who knows… he may show up with a sneak preview.

LADIES: you can select true women’s sizes!

We will also have a bunch of other outer wear options to look at (arm warmers, hats, knee warmers, jackets, vests, etc).

See you all soon!

One thought on “It is time for our new SRC kits! Fit parties are *this week*!

  1. I am trying to figure out how to join, if there are requirements ie. do you have to live in Steiner Ranch etc. There is no info. on the page. Is there someone that I can talk to?

    Dave McKenzie

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