July Week #3


Saturday we had a great turnout for the Triple B’s. We started with 17 riders and picked up a couple others on the way out. Due to my back derailer going out before Lime Creek I was spit out the back of the group and was unable to keep up with either Group A or B so I hope everyone had a great time. My bike is in the shop for 4 days so I hope to be back in the saddle by Wednesday. With that being said, I don’t have a back up bike. Does anyone have or know where I can buy a vintage Italian steel bike frame and forks? I want to build a spare bike for situations like this.

Sunday there was a good turnout and they had 10 riders that rolled out to Ski Shores Café for a nice 30 mile bike ride. I was unable to lead due to my bike being out of commission.


The Steiner Ranch 6,000 – Saturday July 20th at 7:30am at Cups & Cones

In recognition of the 100th edition of the Tour de France, we will be riding 70 miles and about 6,000 feet of climbing. We will roll out from Cups & Cones at 7:30 am. We are only doing this ride because many of you said you wanted hills so here you go.

This ride has some (not all) of Austin’s most challenging hills. This ride will be extremely challenging and there will be more hills than there will be flats. You need to like hills, like a challenge or are just plum crazy to do this ride.

As always there will be a Group A and a Group B but on a ride like this the groups will get strung out and it will be hard for anyone to stay together but we will try. I’m sure people will wait at the top of each major hill and we will stop for fluids.

Some of the notable climbs are going to be as follows:

1. Flat Top – When we roll out we will roll down Flat Top and then climb back out and head to Steiner Ranch Blvd.

2. Steiner Ranch Blvd. – This is our standard climb to get out of Steiner Ranch.

3. Ski Shores – When we leave SR we will head to 4 points and then make a right and back into River Place. We will ride through Westminster Glenn up to City Park and then make a right down towards the lake. When we get down to the bottom we will climb back out up City Park. The climb out is long but gradual.

4. Courtyard Drive – We will stay on City Park drive when we climb out of Ski Shores and stay on that road until we get to Courtyard Drive then we will make a right. Do not go all the way down the hill. We will slow down and make a right onto Courtyard Drive. This is a very steep hill.

5. 360 – After we come down from Courtyard Drive we will make a right onto 360, cross the penny bridge and then grind it out up the 360 to Bee Caves. This is a long continual uphill climb.

6. Cuernavaca – As we bike down Bee Caves we will make a right on Cuernavaca and descend down towards the lake and follow the loop around and climb out via Rive Hills rod back to Bee Caves. We will make another right and continue down Bee Caves.

7. Bob Wire – From Bee Caves we will make a right onto Bee Caves Parkway and then another right onto 620. We will follow the 620 out and then make a left on Lakeway Blvd and head out and make a left on Highland and then a right on Bee Creek Rd. When we get to Bob Wire we will make a left and head towards 71. This is going to be very steep and long especially at this stage of the ride. When we get to the 71 we will make a right and then at the next right head back to Bee Creek Rd. and then head back to the 620.

8. Mansfield Dam – When heading back to Steiner Ranch from Lakeway you will have the option to take the low water crossing or just head up the hill towards Steiner Ranch and back to the starting point. If you want to add an extra 250 feet steep climb drop under the Dam and take the low water crossing and climb out a steep and long hill. Then enjoy the nice long grind up to Steiner Ranch from the Dam.

This is a first for our group based on popular demand. Again there is no designated sweeper.

Please see the course below:


Ski Shore – Sunday July 21st at 7:30am at Cups & Cones

On Sunday the Steiner Ranch Cycling Group (SRC) and Austin Cycling Association (ACA) will roll out from Cups & Cones at 7:30 am this Sunday morning for a ride out to Ski Shores. The ride is about 30 miles and about 2,000 feet of climbing.

This is a NO DROP ride and is fun but you should be able to average 13 – 14 mph.



RIDE DISCLAIMER: Each rider is responsible for his or her own safety on our rides. Please join us at your own risk. Our weekly rides are open to public participation but ride leaders do NOT assume any liability for your participation.

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