READ THIS! Many important things SRC related

I have a few important things to get out to everyone, so I’m gonna combine them all in this wonderfully crafted post.

It is SRC Party Time! Save the date for Sunday, November 6 at 2 PM. We have the Steiner Ranch Lake Club Pavillion reserved ( ) and we will have food and drinks for everyone. Anyone that rides with us (on occasion or regularly) is welcome. Bring your families. PLEASE RSVP HERE:

It is time for the Tour das Hugel in Austin again. Nelos Cycles and Steiner Ranch Cycling are sponsoring this years training/recon ride on Oct. 22. Starting and ending at Nelos Cycles on Mesa Dr. the route will hit many of the Hugel hills giving you a chance to work on your climbing and/or see what you are in for. The route (see here), is about 50 miles with 5,890 of climbing. There will be options to go shorter or longer on distance as well as miss a hill or two and still stay with the group. There will be several ride leaders and while this is not a no drop ride, we will break into groups to keep people together. We hope to see you there and on the Hugel on Nov. 12. Wheels down at 8am.

Our latest kits should have been delivered to everyone by now. Try ’em on and check the fit. In a week or so I will re-open the store so that you can order your 2nd/3rd sets with confidence in sizes. Note that we will only have jerseys and bibs on sale this time (no jackets, arm warmers, etc). Those of you that somehow missed the last order are in luck. I will send out email and notify via Facebook and our web page when the store opens. The store will be open for a week when it happens.

Finally, this weekend’s rides. Since LIVESTRONG is Sunday, and many of us are doing it, our normal plans are askew. If you are not doing the LIVESTRONG ride, I recommend you just show up at the regular 7:30 am start time (Cups & Cones) and organize some kind of fun ride amongst yourselves. Feel free to use the mail list and/or Facebook to organize something more structured :-). If you are attending LIVESTRONG, you should join the SRC GroupMe group so we can communicate before, during, and after the event. Just go here:


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