Saturday 11/22 [Dam Loop] and Sunday 11/23 [Steakhouse/J&A] Rides!


Meet at C&C at 8:30am for the Dam Loop ride.  40+ Mile Ride.  I’ll be running on Saturday so I don’t know if there will be a B Group.  So expect 18 – 20 MPH.  There is a good chance the ride will be cancelled due to rain but Sunday looks like it might turn out to be a perfect cycling day.


Meet at Steakhouse at 8:00am for J&A/Steakhouse Ride.  It leaves at 8:30am.  They have a 10 – 37 mile ride.  There is a group for every level including beginners.  Best part is the music, BK and orange juice afterwards.  Hope to see some of you up there!  I will be there and hope to hang out, catchup and have BK with you after the ride.

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