Saturday 12/20 [Triple Bs] & Sunday 12/31 [Coffee Shop] Rides!

Triple Bs – Saturday December 20th at 8:30am at Cups & Cones

This Saturday will be our triumphant return to those lovely ladies referred to as the Triple Bs!
As always there will be an A Group that will average 18 – 20 mph over the entire ride and there will be a B Group that will average 15 – 17 mph. Both groups don’t have designated sweepers so you should have a certain level of fitness to keep up with the respective group.

COFFEE SHOP RIDE – Sunday December 21st at 8:30am at Cups & Cones

Join us this Sunday for the SRC Coffee Shop Ride! This is for those wanting to explore options outside of Steiner Ranch or those wanting a nice social/recovery ride.

The group will leave C&C at 8:30am and will target some not-too-far coffee shop for some espresso, biscotti, and socialization. The ride will average around 15-17 mph and should be perfect for those looking for a recovery ride or to extend their range out of Steiner. Each week we will pick a different destination, but they would typically be around 15 miles from C&C. This is a no-drop ride, but you should be able to ride 30 miles at a 15-17 mph pace.

This week we will check out a destination near the Arboretum so that Dante actually joins us this time (that was his request — it would be shameful to request it and not show!). Maybe we will also visit Krispy Kreme’s ride/drive through again!

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