Saturday 5/23 and Sunday 5/24 Rides!

More wet weather inbound! But don’t plan for that to spoil your rides this weekend, it might be just fine.

This Saturday is a road trip! We will join our Bat City Cycling friends for their Saturday ride which leaves Red Horn Coffee House & Brewing at 8am. Their ride splits into groups of various ability and I am told that it is completely compatible with our regular Saturday rides (not just the hammers). Show up early and have some coffee. Details are here: Most will probably drive there, but badass points will be given to those that ride.

Sunday is the Coffee Shop Ride as usual, departing from Cups & Cones at 7:30am. I won’t be there this time, so those that show up can pick a destination around 15 miles away and enjoy a social paced ride appropriate for those able to maintain around 15 mph average.

There was also some mention of a Jester King ride maybe this weekend? If anyone has details, please share.

See you out there!

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