Saturday July 12th [Parmer] and Sunday July 13th [Coffee Shop / Babes on Bikes] Rides!

Nibali Tour de France!
Nibali Tour de France!

Saturday we had about 14 riders for the Avery Ranch ride.  The group split in two with one group doing about 40 miles at an average pace of 18 mph and the second group went about 55 miles at about the same pace.   Overall the ride was really fun especially for a post 4th of July ride.

Sunday was the rocking Babes on Bikes and Coffee Shop rides.  Everyone needs to come out just for some fun.  Even if you don’t consider yourself a cyclist there is a ride for you.

Tour De Cure Please make sure you join our Tour de Cure team which we do every year and it has been tons of fun.  Cycling, Food and Beer and all for a great cause:


PARMER RIDE – Saturday July 12th at 7:30am at Cups & Cones

On Saturday the Steiner Ranch Cycling Group will have a nice long flat ride.  That being said people can turn back at any point they like.  If you do the entire proposed route you will get in 78 miles.  Many of us will turn back at mile 20 or 25 and get in a total of 40 – 50 miles.  So come join the fun if you want to get the big miles in or if you want to still do a respectable distance but not the full 78 miles.

The ride heads out of Steiner Ranch out to 620 then to Anderson Mills Rd.  We will take Anderson Mills Rd. all the way to Parmer and then left on Parmer until it turns into Ronald Reagan Blvd and continue all the way to highway 29.  We will turn around at the point and head back the exact way we came.  For those of you that want to add some miles you just need to keep rolling and if you go out to 2338 and back you will have logged 70+ Miles.

As always, while we do our best to keep the group together you will need to have a certain level of riding experience and conditioning to stay with the main group or else you may get left behind.  There is no designated sweeper for our Saturday ride.

COFFEE SHOP AND BABES ON BIKES RIDES – Sunday July 13th at 8:30am at Cups & Cones

Starting this Sunday we introduce a new ride option: Coffee Shop Ride!  Those wanting to explore options outside of Steiner Ranch, or those wanting a nice recovery ride option should consider joining the Sunday Coffee Shop Ride Group.

The group will leave C&C at 8:30 like the other Sunday ride groups, but will target some not-too-far coffee shop for some espresso, biscotti, and socialization.  The ride will average around 14-15 mph and should be perfect for those looking for a recovery ride or to extend their range out of Steiner.  Each week we will pick a different destination, but they would typically be around 15 miles from C&C.  This is a no-drop ride, but you should be able to ride 30-40 miles at a 14-15 mph pace.

The other Sunday social option is Babes on Bikes, also leaving Cups & Cones at 8:30.  This user-friendly ride is intended to recruit new female riders in hopes to establish an SRC ladies group, but is open to EVERYONE – guys and gals alike – looking for a beginner ride or easy cruise.

The ride stays in Steiner, is mostly flat and about 1 hour long.  Distance varies from 10-20 miles with optional hill climbs for those wanting an extra challenge.  This is a no-drop ride co-lead by SRC members Cheryl Campbell and Christi Mondrik. You will learn the basics of bicycle safety, riding technique, equipment recommendations, but mostly, you will have FUN!  Come join us!

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