Saturday September 6th [Infamous Brewery] and Sunday September 7th [Coffee Shop / Babes] Rides!

TOUR DE CURE – Saturday September 13, 2014 There is only two weeks left and you can still register.  You can join our team for FREE by using THANKS2014 as your code.  You can join our team at


Infamous Brewing Co / Crank House Ride – Saturday September 6, 2014

It was brought to my attention that the 1st Saturday of each month there is a ride that starts from the Infamous Brewing Company near Steiner Ranch on 4602 Weletka Dr. 78734 at 8am.  They have an 18 mile route and a 31 mile route and there will be beer and food available after the ride.  Please meet at C&C at 7:30am and then we can all bike over there and add another 10 miles round trip.  If you want to drive over to Infamous Brewing Company or learn more about the routes please visit the following link:

Also after the Tour de Cure on September 13, 2014 I’ll reach out to Oasis Brewing Company and see if we can start and finish a ride there too.  The Noble Pig has opened up right next to Oasis Brewing Company.

COFFEE SHOP RIDE – Sunday September 7th at 7:30am at Cups & Cones

Join us this Sunday for the SRC Coffee Shop Ride!  This is for those wanting to explore options outside of Steiner Ranch or those wanting a nice social/recovery ride.

The group will leave C&C at 7:30 like the other Sunday ride groups, but will target some not-too-far coffee shop for some espresso, biscotti, and socialization.  The ride will average around 15-17 mph and should be perfect for those looking for a recovery ride or to extend their range out of Steiner.  Each week we will pick a different destination, but they would typically be around 15 miles from C&C.  This is a no-drop ride, but you should be able to ride 30-40 miles at a 15-17 mph pace.

BABES (and BROS) on BIKES / RECOVERY RIDE – Sunday September 7th at 8:30am at Cups & Cones

Come join us for the Sunday social Babes (and Bros) on Bikes / Recovery Ride.   This user-friendly ride is intended for beginners looking to gain some experience and/or riders wanting a later start or easy Sunday cruise.  Riders meet at Cups & Cones for ‘wheels down’ at 8:30​am. This is a ‘no drop’ ride, meaning the group stays together, within the neighborhoods of Steiner Ranch.  The route and pace is customized to the level of riders who show up.  In general, you can expect a mostly flat course, about 1 hour long varying from 10-20 miles.  There will be optional hill climbs for those wanting an extra challenge, and to help beginners set riding goals.  You will learn the basics of bicycle safety, riding technique, equipment recommendations, but mostly, you will meet new friends and have FUN!  All are welcome!  Hope to see you there!

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