SRC Kit Store is Open!!! Buy Your Jerseys!

Hello SRC,

The day has come! After a whole lot of work by Brandon to get Eliel’s designs correct (and super-awesome), the store is now open for you to make your purchases.

Before you do, please note that there are minimum numbers of items that need to be met or the club will have to make up the difference and buy items. I sent out a survey a while back to get a feel for who wanted what and how many. Based on that we selected which items would be in the store (sorry, the knee warmers didn’t make it). For example, the survey showed that we wanted 9 arm coolers but there is a minimum of 10. That means that if everyone who said they would buy one actually bought one, the club will still have to buy an extra to make up the 10. If people change their minds and only 1 person orders one we will be forced to buy 9. Hopefully if you said you would buy something, please buy it. Don’t worry about bibs and jerseys — we will easily make those minimums. I’m mostly worried about jackets, vests, caps, warmers/coolers, etc.

Here is the URL to our store: Note that we will close the store on August 18 (1 week) after which no more purchases can be made with this order.

This stuff looks so freakin awesome! I hope you all enjoy the hard work Brandon put into this and load up. They say to expect 8 weeks for delivery but we might be able to get it quicker if they can prioritize us.

Here are the items, prices, minimums, and survey results for those that care:

Men’s Rincon Jersey $86
Men’s Laguna Seca Bib Shorts $132
Women’s Rincon Jersey $86
Women’s Laguna Seca Bib Shorts $132
Malibu Jersey $71 (no minimum)
Arm Warmers $40 (10 minimum)
Arm Coolers $40 (10 minimum)
Cap $15 (24 minimum)
Palomar Jacket $100 (6 minimum)
Vest $90 (6 minimum)

Survey shows purchase expectations:
Jersey: 44
Bibs: 37
Vest: 13
Arm Warmers: 10
Arm Coolers: 9
Knee Warmers: 5
Jacket: 9
Cap: 23

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