SRC President and Ride Leader… Your turn!


I have served as president and ride leader for over 3 years now. Who is going to step up and take the reins? Ideally it is someone who is at every ride (I’m looking at you Brad and Jason W.).


2 thoughts on “SRC President and Ride Leader… Your turn!

  1. In the last 17 months I have only ridden with you all twice. As a new rider then and not much difference today (unfortunately), I could not keep up with you. I understand and respect that the group is NOT a no drop. For me, the planned rides are either too fast, too long or both. I wish I were a better, faster rider because you were all very impressive. I know that riding with a faster group makes you faster, but having to drop and ride home alone is little difference than riding alone. I know the Sunday rides are supposed to be a bit slower and bit shorter, but since church is at the same time, that doesn’t work for me. The times I went out with you and the numerous times I’ve seen you around, it looks as if the group is 8-15 riders. According to Strava, 60 riders (including myself) claim this club. As you are looking for new leaders and I am certainly not one, if there is an interest in creating of a ‘B team’ (30-40 miles with a 14-16 MPH and a Saturday ride), I would really be interested.

    1. Eric, Thanks for the feedback. Saturday is definitely a faster crew and does make it harder for people starting out. There has been talk by some of a slower\shorter ride on Saturday and if someone was to nominate to lead one, I’m sure we would get people wanting to join with the same goals and intentions as yourself. Stay tuned as we transition to a new President and we’ll see where things go. We’d love to have you join us on a ride soon.

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