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Saturday July 19 [Dustin Dinh/C&C Ride] and Sunday 20 [Coffee Shop/Bakes on Bikes/Jay’s B Day] Rides!

Saturday we had 16 riders show up and we had 11 of us do a really nice 40 mile route and we all had a great time. The others went out and did the 70+ mile ride.

Sunday was the “Babes on Bikes” and “Sunday Social” rides had a great turn out and it looks like it is going to be a great Sunday ride for everyone.

Tour De Cure Please make sure you join our Tour de Cure team which we do every year and it has been tons of fun.  Cycling, Food and Beer and all for a great cause: http://main.diabetes.org/goto/TeamBeef


COMMAND 2 GUT & GRILLING – Saturday July 19th at 7:30am at Cups & Cones

This weekend there will be three rides you can choose from. One ride will be leaving Steiner Ranch at 7:30am and will be heading out to Dustin Dnh’s houst for a BBQ. This ride will be led by Thomas Lea. The route is yet to be determined but just show up and Thomas will figure a way to get you all out there safely. This ride is expected to be about 60 miles.

An alternative ride is to simply drive out to Dustin’s house and there will be a 40 mile bike ride leaving and returning to his house. I believe wheels will be down at 8:00am. You can learn more at https://www.facebook.com/events/832482470096521/?ref_dashboard_filter=upcoming

Below is Dustin’s address:

1613 Oak Lane Georgetown, Tx. 78628

The third proposed ride is 50 miles and will start and end at Cups & Cones. Meet at C&C at 7:30am. I really like this route and really want to ride it with everyone but I’ll be out of town and won’t be able to lead. So if some people can’t make it out to Dustin’s party and want to still get a challenging ride in you might want to try this one out.


COFFEE SHOP AND BABES ON BIKES RIDES – Sunday July 20th at 8:30am at Cups & Cones

Starting this Sunday we introduce a new ride option: Coffee Shop Ride!  Those wanting to explore options outside of Steiner Ranch, or those wanting a nice recovery ride option should consider joining the Sunday Coffee Shop Ride Group.

The group will leave C&C at 8:30 like the other Sunday ride groups, but will target some not-too-far coffee shop for some espresso, biscotti, and socialization.  The ride will average around 14-15 mph and should be perfect for those looking for a recovery ride or to extend their range out of Steiner.  Each week we will pick a different destination, but they would typically be around 15 miles from C&C.  This is a no-drop ride, but you should be able to ride 30-40 miles at a 14-15 mph pace.

The other Sunday social option is Babes on Bikes, also leaving Cups & Cones at 8:30.  This user-friendly ride is intended to recruit new female riders in hopes to establish an SRC ladies group, but is open to EVERYONE – guys and gals alike – looking for a beginner ride or easy cruise.

The ride stays in Steiner, is mostly flat and about 1 hour long.  Distance varies from 10-20 miles with optional hill climbs for those wanting an extra challenge.  This is a no-drop ride co-lead by SRC members Cheryl Campbell and Christi Mondrik. You will learn the basics of bicycle safety, riding technique, equipment recommendations, but mostly, you will have FUN!  Come join us!

JAY’S BIRTHDAY DOUBLE DIP 70-MILER – Sunday July 20th at 8:00am at Mellow Johnny’s Bike Shop

If you want to get a long ride in on Sunday everyone is invited to ride with Jay. This is no ordinary 70-miler. It’s actually a ride-swim-ride-swim out-and-back that takes us from downtown Austin to the refreshing San Marcos River (72 °F / 22 °C) and then back to Austin terminating at Deep Eddy Pool. The aim is to simply have fun on two wheels rather than set any PRs.

We’ll leave from Mellow Johnny’s at 8am and head south to San Marcos via Old San Antonio Road/Old Stagecoach road. It’s fairly flat, and I’m hoping to average somewhere around 14-15mph.

For some of you 70 miles is no big deal, but for others who’ve wanted to try a longer ride this is a good chance to get your feet wet (literally). Breaking it up into two parts makes it bearable, even in the brutal Texas heat. The route is as follows:Hope you can make it.

Here’s the route: http://www.mapmyride.com/routes/view/436686842

Saturday June 28th [Scenic] and June 29th [Social/Ladies] Rides!

Saturday we did the Triple B’s and had about 17 riders in attendance.  We all stuck together for most of the ride.  The group did split but it was because one group wanted to do more distance.  So we had a 55 mile group and a 45 mile group with it splitting pretty much down the middle.

Sunday was the Steiner Ranch Steakhouse ride.

Tour De Cure  Please make sure you join our Tour de Cure team which we do every year and it has been tons of fun.  Cycling, Food and Beer and all for a great cause: http://main.diabetes.org/goto/TeamBeef

Farmers Market  www.512MarketKitchen.com is a food delivery service that sources its ingredients from local farmers and it is prepared by an Austin chef.  The best part is that you can place your order online and pick it up each week on the way home at www.resolutefitness.com and pop it in the oven and you can feed your family for half the cost of going out.  It is totally worth doing at least one meal per week and in the process you will help out local farmers, consume great food and support your local farmers market run that is owned and operated by our own Steiner Ranch resident Richie Romero.


AUSTIN SCIENIC LOOP – Saturday June 28th at 7:30am at Cups & Cones

This Saturday the Steiner Ranch Cycling Club we will be doing the Scenic Loop.  The ride is about 60 miles round trip from Cups & Cones to MJ’s and back.

The ride will start at Cups & Cones and we will grind it out of Steiner Ranch via the Steiner Ranch Blvd hill up to 620.  We will take the 620 down to Anderson Mill Road and make a right on Spicewood.  Then we will work our way through a few neighborhoods and end up on Jollyville and work our way down Jollyville through the Domain and will cross 360 and get onto Mesa up Mt. Bonnell and then ride through Terry Town and follow Scenic route along Lake Austin Blvd down to Mellow Johnny’s for a break.

There are a few alternatives on how to get home.  Sometimes the group will go back via 360 then Bee Caves back to Steiner Ranch via 620.  Another route is back via Shoal Creek but instead of heading back down Mesa some will go Spicewood Spring and around.  Just show up and someone we can all ride down to MJ together then everyone can figure out which route they want to take home.  For sure someone will be going back the Shoal Creek route below:

Please print out the below route if you are not familiar with the route.

ROUTE 1 (on the way downtown to MJ):


On the way back there are two routes.  I’ll be taking the Shoal Creek route but many go the Bee Caves route.  You will get to choose.

ROUTE 1 (on the way home via Shoal Creek):


We will probably have two groups.  We will have a faster group that will average about 18-20 mph and a slower group that will average between 15-17mph.  That being said there is no designated sweeper behind me so you need to keep up with me at a minimum or you will be dropped.

SOCIAL AND LADIES GROUP RIDE – Sunday June 29th at 8:30am at Cups & Cones

Come join us for our Sunday Social and Ladies Group Ride.  This ride is intended for beginner cyclist that want to ride in a beginner friendly environment.  The route will be about 10 miles and all within Steiner Ranch.  Cheryl Campbell will lead the ride and is an excellent ride leader and can help you get comfortable riding.  You still need to know how to ride a bicycle and should be able to have the fitness level to ride 10 miles.  This is a no drop ride so you don’t need to worry about how fast you are.  Both men and women are welcomed.  We are calling this a Social and Ladies group ride because we would like to see more women come out and ride and Cheryl will be helping women overcome some of the initial challenges of riding.