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May 10th [Real Ale Ride] and 11th [Steakhouse] Rides!

Real Ale Ride
Real Ale Ride

Saturday was the second annual Steiner Ranch 6,000 which was about 6,000 feet of climbing over 80 miles of riding.  Next year we might have to call it the Steiner Ranch 7,000.  As many of you are well aware it was challenging ride but it was kinda fun in a sick way.  We had 28 riders that started the ride and about half of the group finished the full course.

Sunday was Mother’s Day so I’m assuming that is the reason why only 4 people showed up for the ride or maybe it is because many people couldn’t walk after Saturday’s ride.

The CAPTAIN AMERICA kits should have been already.  I have pinged Tom and Descente to try to get an ETA.  They told me early this week and now we are mid-week and we can only hope to get it before the Real Ale Ride.

REAL ALE RIDE – Saturday May 17th

One of Bicycle Sport Shop’s most popular events rolls through the scenic hills of Blanco on Saturday, May 17, 2014. It’s a ride for all levels, with distances of 15, 30, 50, 65 and 85 miles. Routes are fully supported and all end at the Real Ale brewery for a post-ride celebration with local beer and barbecue. to register please visit  http://realaleride.com/ to learn more about the ride.

MYSTERY RIDE – Saturday May 17th at Cups & Cones at 7:30am

For those of you that can’t make the awesome REAL ALE RIDE please feel free to show up at Cups & Cones at the new time of 7:30am to do a local ride.  As always the Saturday ride does NOT have a designated sweeper.  Just show up and we all can come up with a route that makes the most sense based on who shows up.

STEINER RANCH STEAKHOUSE/JACK & ADAMS – Sunday May 18th at 8:30am at Steiner Ranch Steakhouse

This Sunday is the Steakhouse ride.  The reason they are having it earlier in the month is because next weekend is Memorial weekend.  Jack & Adams offers an advanced, intermediate and beginner pace ranging from 12 – 35 mile distance.  It is going to be really fun and as always they have a live entertainment afterwards and a discounted all you can eat buffet.