This weekend’s rides: Bee Creek! Red Horn! Delayed Saturday start!


It is time for some hills after our last couple of flat rides, so this Saturday we shall tackle our updated Bee Creek route (AKA Cozy Cove)! The route can be found here: (I have not yet converted it into an actual route, so you have to look at our last ride). After the ride, enjoy discounted burgers and beer with your pals at Lakeside! SPECIAL NOTE: the forecast shows that it will probably be freezing around our regular start time, so we will delay this ride 1 hour to 9:30 am from Cups & Cones.

Sunday is our usual Coffee Shop ride to Red Horn. It is 50 miles and is at a more relaxed pace than our Saturday rides, but we typically finish with a 17mph average speed overall. Red Horn is 18 miles away and is where we stop for coffee, breakfast tacos, pastries, and socializing before finishing the rest of the ride. Depart from Cups & Cones at 8:30 am.

See you soon!


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