This weekend’s rides: Reverse Triple Bs! Red Horn!


This weekend while some of our crew (Andrew, Steve, Stuart, John, and Justin) are out kicking ass in back-to-back races (Bat City Classic on Saturday and Pace Bend on Sunday) we will be having some very enjoyable rides.

Saturday we will do the Triple Bs ride in reverse. This takes us out Anderson Mill to Parmer, and from there down Park street across Lakeline to the head of the Lovely Ladies. From there it is back toward 620 and home. Route is here: is only 50 miles, so adding on miles is reasonable so long as we get back to Lakeside Pizza & Grill for some discounted burgers and beer. Hey, they might actually have that keg of Stash IPA tapped by now!

Sunday is our usual Coffee Shop ride to Red Horn. It is 50 miles and is at a more relaxed social pace than our Saturday rides, but we typically finish with a 17mph average speed overall. While we make great efforts to keep the group together, this is NOT a no drop ride. If you cannot hang with the group after repeated regrouping, you may get dropped. Red Horn is 18 miles away and is where we stop for coffee, breakfast tacos, pastries, and socializing before finishing the rest of the ride.

Both rides leave from Cups & Cones at 8:30 am. Come early and grab some coffee and donuts and support this local mom & pop store!


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