This weekend’s rides: Southwest Parkway! Indoor Riding!

Saturday looks to be very nice! About 67 degrees, but with a strong SSW wind. Let’s try a new route that takes us to Southwest Parkway and leverages that wind for a final push home. Unfortunately its a short 52 mile route (perhaps we can figure out ways to add on during the ride). The route is here: . After the ride be sure to have a post ride burger and beer with us at our sponsor, Lakeside Pizza & Grill. We will even get nice discounts! Wheels down at 8:30am.

Sunday’s weather looks like a nightmare to me. 29 degrees in the morning with 16mph winds out of the North (which means nasty wind chill). That will probably make the indoor trainer look pretty good. We can still meet up for a group virtual ride on Zwift at 8:30 if there is interest in that. If you really want to ride outside on Sunday, organize something and send out details and get full badass credit.

See you tomorrow!


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