This weekend’s rides: Tour de Cure! San Marcos Tour!


This weekend we have another disturbance in our regular rides with the Tour de Cure on Saturday in San Marcos. On Sunday we will continue with the San Marcos fun and do our ride there instead of our usual Red Horn route.

Derrick has secured a beautiful house for us to use this weekend on the San Marcos river! Those doing the Tour de Cure can come out Friday and stay the night so it is easy to get to the start. Those wanting to ride with us Sunday morning can come out on Saturday and stay the night there too. Please send me or Derrick a direct email (not replying to the entire mail list) if you are interested. We will have a great time and hope you join us! It should only be about an hour drive from Steiner to San Marcos if you can’t stay the night but still want to ride. The Sunday route is not yet planned, so if you are going to ride with us on Sunday and not stay the night Saturday, send me an email and I’ll make sure you get the route details Saturday night.

Those of you that are too lame to join us can organize something else among yourselves. Maybe the Armadillo Classic on Saturday and regular Red Horn on Sunday.


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