Upcoming rides for the next two weekends


Many of us (myself included) are going to RAGBRAI and will miss our next two ride weekends (through the end of July). Many more are staying here and wanting to ride! Communication for the ride options may be lacking, but there will certainly be rides leaving from our regular starting point (Cups & Cones) at 7:30 am each weekend morning so it should be safe to just show up.

This coming Saturday sounded like a good day for a Dam Loop of some variety. The following Saturday, July 30, will be a game day choice ride however a fun alternative would be Bicycle Sport Shop’s El Diablo Poker Dash & Bash (http://bicyclesportshop.com/about/2016-el-diablo-poker-dash-bash-pg2376.htm). Check it out!

Both upcoming July Sundays will feature our standard 50 mile Red Horn Coffee Shop Ride as usual.


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