Weekend Update


Temperatures are expected to be in the 20s both Saturday and Sunday which is not fun for most. That said, there will be some hardcore folks that will ride from Cups & Cones Saturday at 8am (NOT the regular 8:30am). Feel free to freeze yer butt off and join them! There is no scheduled ride for Sunday.

If you want to get a group together to ride later in the day (Saturday and/or Sunday), please email the group with details and you may find others to join you.

I have an indoor trainer that someone can borrow this weekend if anyone wants to try Zwift (which is where I will be spending my weekend). Please go to Zwift first and confirm that you have the rest of the requirements for their free trial.

Reminder: if you have one of the new vests (any size) and/or a jacket (XL and XXL only), you need to exchange it for a new one to fix a defect. I will be with the new ones today at Lakeside at 5:30pm. Please bring your old stuff by and I will exchange. This is not optional — we must exchange all vests and all XL+XXL jackets and send the old ones back to Eliel. I appreciate your cooperation here.

See you soon,

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