October 19th & 20th Bike Rides (LIVESTRONG WEEKEND)

Livestrong Challenge Weekend

Livestrong Challenge Weekend


Saturday many riders rode the Outlaw ride so our Saturday Steiner Ranch ride had a light turnout.  On the way downtown a few people riders took a spill around a corner.  Everyone is alright but the lesson learned is that when the roads are wet be extra careful when coming around turns.  A little water and oil makes for very slippery conditions.

Sunday the ride was cancelled due to rain.


If you have not already noticed our website has a Strava highlights plug in and you can see all the miles our club riders have logged plus a bunch of other stats.  If you have not already join our Steiner Ranch Cycling Strava Club then please do so by going to our website and click on the Strava link and click join club.  The top riders for the week by category are as follows:

Distance                    Thomas Lea              180     Miles
Elevation                   Thomas Lea              9,541 Feet
Average Speed        Andrew Struck        18.8 Mph over 135 Total Miles


AVERY RANCH ROUTE – Saturday October 19th at 7:30am at Cups & Cones

On Saturday the Steiner Ranch Cycling Group will be heading out for an approximately 55+ mile bike ride that will roll out from Cups & Cones at 7:30 am morning and we will head out to AVERY RANCH and head back via Crystal Falls.

The ride is going to be fairly flat and fast.  While we do our best to keep the group together you will need to have a certain level of riding experience and conditioning to stay with the main group or else you may get left behind.  There is no designated sweeper for our Saturday ride.

There will be a Group A travelling at speeds of 18-20 mph over the course of the route and we will also have Group B travelling about 16-17mph.  Again there is no designated sweeper.  Many of us will be doing the LIVESTRONG CHALLENGE on Sunday so some of us may take it easy.



LIVESTRONG CHALLENGE – Sunday October 20th at 7:30am

This is one of the big charity rides we do every year.  The forecast actually looks good for Saturday and with a little luck we might have perfect conditions.  If you want to ride it is still not too late.  You can join our team at the following link:


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