Saturday 12/27 [Ronald Reagan] & Sunday 12/28 [Steakhouse/J&A] Rides!

Long and Flat – Saturday December 27th at 8:30am at Cups & Cones

This Saturday let’s try for ‘long and flat’ by heading up Ronald Reagan till we wanna turn around. My torso will be filled with ham, pie, and beer from the days prior. Maybe some of you will be similarly afflicted and this could help burn that stuff off! Santa costumes are mandatory.

As always there will be an A Group that will average 18 – 20 mph over the entire ride and there will be a B Group that will average 15 – 17 mph. Both groups don’t have designated sweepers so you should have a certain level of fitness to keep up with the respective group.

Jack and Adams Steiner Ranch Steakhouse Ride (NO COFFEE SHOP RIDE THIS WEEKEND) – Sunday December 28th at 8:30am at Steiner Ranch Steak House

Join us this Sunday for the monthly Jack and Adams Steiner Ranch Steakhouse Ride! The ride leaves the steak house promptly at 8:30, so be sure to arrive early. Awesome half price brunch and stinky/sweaty cyclists await you when you’re done. After a couple mimosas, it will seem like home is all downhill from there.

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