Saturday 2/14 [Triple Bs or Pace Bend laps] & Sunday 2/15 [Coffee Shop Ride]

Saturday 2/14 is Valentine’s Day and the club encourages you to spend time with your true love.  Bring your significant other to Cups & Cones and prepare to ride it, as you know it wants to be ridden, starting at 8:30 AM for the Triple Bs lead by Jason Yunker.  An alternative option for those looking for extra punishment would be to join the SRC folks that have signed up for the 2/22 road race at Pace Bend park for practice.  That group will meet at Pace Bend park at 8:30 AM and do multiple laps.

On Sunday 2/15 we will depart from Cups & Cones at 8:30 AM for a ~30 mile round trip ride at a more relaxed pace to some coffee shop for some socializing.  Join us!

Note: We will be trying to form two separate groups for Saturday rides going forward to better accommodate riders with different goals (killing each other vs. enjoying themselves).  SRC should be an inclusive club and we recognize that the competitive nature of some of the regulars may have inadvertently caused some to ‘drop out’.  If you are interested in taking on the “ride leader” role for a more relaxed group ride on Saturdays (reliability is important), please contact Thomas.

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