Saturday 2/21 [Avery Ranch] & Sunday 2/22 [Coffee Shop Ride]

On Saturday 2/21 join us for the Avery Ranch Ride!  The ride leaves from Cups & Cones at 8:30am.  There will be two distinct ride groups to accommodate everyone (15-17 mph and 18-20 mph).  Note that the 18-20 mph group may be lightly attended due to the Pace Bend Road Race on Sunday.  This is NOT a no-drop ride, so check the pace against your abilities and select the group that is right for you.
Sunday 2/22 is the Coffee Shop Ride!  It leaves from Cups & Cones at 8:30am and goes to a local coffee shop for some pastries, caffeine, and socializing.  The ride is about 30 miles round-trip and at a fairly relaxed pace of 15-16 mph average.  This is a no-drop ride.  NOTE: I normally lead this ride but I will be at the Pace Bend Road Race.  Please either show up and coordinate at the ride time or email the club to solidify the details.  I’ll be back the following week!

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