Saturday 2/28 [? weather permitting] & Sunday 3/1 [Coffee Shop Ride weather permitting]


Well Saturday looks like crap.  Current weather shows near freezing with precipitation Friday night which looks like it will roll into Saturday.  If the weather does give us a break just show up at C&C at the regular 8:30 and we will figure something out.

Sunday shows a nice high temp near 70 but with 50% chance of rain at the moment.  If the morning is good show up at C&C at 8:30 for the Coffee Shop Ride *OR* if we didn’t get to do a nice ride on Saturday we can do something more similar to the Saturday ride instead.

Sorry for the uncertainty.  File your complaints with Mother Nature. 🙂

If it is crappy I’ll be spending some time on Zwift Island (  I’m happy to do a group ride with any other zwifters if you wanna try that.


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