Saturday 3/7 and Sunday 3/8 Rides

This is another weekend that kinda sucks.  Saturday morning will be a cold one.  If you are badass enough to make it out, please show up at C&C at 8:30 for a ride that can be decided on the spot.  The hammer group will be largely absent due to the Lago Vista race and the BBQ & Beer ride.
Sunday is day 2 of the BBQ & Beer ride (which I am doing) so I won’t be there for the Coffee Shop Ride.  Hopefully it will be a nicer day and folks will show up at C&C at 8:30 as usual and pick a place to go.
The weather and special events have made a mess of our ride group these last several weeks.  Hopefully we are getting past that for the most part and can return to rides as usual soon!

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