Saturday 3/14 and Sunday 3/15 Rides and other news!

It looks like the crappy weather may actually be behind us!  We will celebrate this weekend with some excellent time together in the saddle.


Saturday March 14 – We will head out to Ronald Reagan for some flat-ish miles.  There will be two groups, A and B, and we will depart together.  At some point (probably on Ronald Reagan) the A group will take on more miles at a faster pace and split off of the group then rejoin the B group for the return to Steiner.  Meet at Cups & Cones for the 8:30 departure.


Sunday March 15 – The Coffee Shop Ride returns!  This is a 30 mile relaxed pace ride which includes a stop at a nearby coffee shop for some pastries and socializing.  Meet at Cups & Cones for the 8:30 departure.


Noteworthy news:  SRC placed very well again on at the La Primavera road race in Lago Vista — 3 finished in the top 10!  Check out the results at (see “RR Men Masters 35-39 CAT 4/5”).


Important Upcoming Rides


March 22
Hopefully everyone is signed up for this year’s Tour de Cure, which is a fantastic ride for a great cause.  The BEEF Team is hosting a Tour de Cure kickoff ride on Sunday March 22 at 8am that is really fun.  If you haven’t signed up for this ride yet then be sure to do so and join the BEEF Team!  Sign up here:


March 28
The LBJ100 is coming on March 28!  This ride tours some beautiful hill country and has many distance options from which to choose (10, 30, 42, 62, and 85 miles).  Sign up here:


See you all soon!



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