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November 23rd and 24th Rides!

Turkey Vulture the new club mascot?
Turkey Vulture the new club mascot?


Saturday we had about 70 riders for the Jester King Brewery Ride.  Overall the event was a complete success.  The weather was perfect but it was a little windy.  There was a small crash involving a dead raccoon and vultures.  A bunch of SRCC riders were hauling and there was a group of vultures feeding on a dead animal in the road and as they came up on the birds they expected them to fly away.  Well the vultures did not fly away as expected and the first rider (Stuart S.) managed to swerve and miss them the second rider (Justin C.) hit his brakes and went over the front bars and the third rider (Thomas L.) went over his bars too.  No one was seriously injured.

SRCC was not able to defend its title for this event.  The first rider in was 16 year old Bertram Jernejcic with 787 Racing and the 2nd and 3rd riders in were Weston Giunta and Don Bergman with Violet Crown.

Sunday only two riders showed up to ride so we rode up to Ski Shores.


The Strava highlights for last week by category are as follows (need to ride over 75 miles in the week to be included in stats below):

Distance                    Thomas Lea              131.7 Miles
Mountain Goat       Thomas Lea              11,394 Feet
Speed Demon         Cody Summer         18.3 Mph over 76 Total Miles


AVERY RANCH ROUTE – Saturday November 23rd at 8:30am at Cups & Cones

On Saturday the Steiner Ranch Cycling Group will be heading out for an approximately 55+ mile bike ride that will roll out from Cups & Cones at 8:30 am morning and we will head out to AVERY RANCH and head back via Crystal Falls.

The ride is going to be fairly flat and fast.  But we deserve flat after the Jester King Brewery Ride.  While we do our best to keep the group together you will need to have a certain level of riding experience and conditioning to stay with the main group or else you may get left behind.  There is no designated sweeper for our Saturday ride.

There will be a faster group travelling at speeds of 18-20 mph over the course of the route and we will also have less faster group travelling about 16-17mph.  Again there is no designated sweeper.



Steiner Ranch Steakhouse / Jack & Adams Ride  – Sunday November 24th at 8:30am at Steiner Ranch Steakhouse

On Sunday November 24, 2013 the Steiner Ranch Cycling Club will be riding on the Jack & Adams / Steiner Ranch Steakhouse Ride.  The ride begins from the Steakhouse and leaves promptly at 8:30am so we recommend that you arrive at 8:00am.

The ride goes out to Crystal Falls golf course and back and there is a beginner, intermediate and advanced ride.  There are two distances and the first is 14 miler and is a NO DROP and is designated for the beginners.  The 35 miler is for intermediate and advanced riders.

The ride heads out of Steiner Ranch down the 620 to Anderson Mill Road and then out towards Crystal Fall Golf Course.  The ride is an out and back and is relatively flat ride with the exception of the Crystal Fall Golf Course.

After the ride the Steiner Ranch Steakhouse has generously provided all riders ½ priced brunch and live music. 


Turkey Trot is a free run that will starts from John Simpson Pool at 8am on Thanksgiving morning.  There will be distances ranging from 1 – 6 miles.  Come run, walk or pull a wagon with your kids.  If you like you can bring 1 or 2 can goods which will be donated to Capital City Food Bank.

Dante’s SHop is finally open!  I have my garage setup with every bike tool imaginable, bike repair stand, work bench, fully stocked fridge and TV.  So if you want to do some repairs on your bike and need some place with tools let me know and you can come over and we can work on it together.  I’m sure we can figure out most mechanical issues out together and if not I have a computer in the shop so we can look at some youtube videos but if we still can’t figure it out you can always send it to the Dragons Den or other bike shop.

Mellow Johnny’s The guys as MJ’s might gave me a 10% discount when I said I was with Steiner Ranch Cycling.   If you ever shop there it might be worth doing that to see if they will give you the heads up.  You can tell them they gave me one.  Also my overall experience with MJ’s has been awesome and they were really helpful when I had returns.  I had a hop in my back wheel because of my tire and they gave me a new one after several months of use.  Also, my Garmin elevation calculation was having issues and they took care of that return with no hassle.  They keep all purchases in the system.  It sounds like when we do new kits next year they will be willing to be a sponsor.


November 9th & 10th Rides

Winning! Tour de Cure Top Fund Raisers - Steiner Ranch Cycling/Team Beef
Winning! Tour de Cure Top Fund Raisers – Steiner Ranch Cycling/Team Beef


Saturday we had about 16 riders that showed up for the Avery Ranch ride.  The weather was perfect.  Andrew Struck filmed some cool footage of the group cruising down the road.  You can go to our Facebook page to see the film.  We also sung Happy Birthday to Thomas Lea all while riding our bikes.  That was a first and probably will be a club tradition going forward.

Sunday there were about 9 riders that showed up and they rode out to Ski Shore and back.

JESTER KING BREWERY REMINDER – It’s Next Saturday!  Details can be found at https://steinerranchcycling.com/jester-king-brewery-ride-ii/

MS150 TEAM – The MS 150 is a two-day fundraising cycling ride organized by the National MS Society. The ride will be in April 2014 but we have already set up a team.  You can start your fund raising now and join our team at http://main.nationalmssociety.org/goto/BEEF

TOUR DE CURE – Congratulations to everyone that road on our Tour de Cure team this year.  We were the top fund raiser in Austin with over $45,000 raised for the American Diabetes Association.  I have the team Trophy displayed at my bike studio and anyone is welcome to come by and take a picture with it. J


The Strava highlights for last week by category are as follows:

Distance                    Eric Watson             152.6 Miles
Mountain Goat       Thomas Lea              8,993 Feet
Speed Demon         Andrew Struck        18.7 Mph over 151.1 Total Miles


You will have three rides to choose from this Saturday.  Steiner Ranch Cycling Club Ride, Tour das Hugel and Thirsty Planet

SCIENIC LOOP – Saturday November 9th at 8:30am at Cups & Cones

This Saturday the Steiner Ranch Cycling Club we will be doing the Scenic Loop.  The ride is about 56 miles round trip to and from Cups & Cones.

We will probably have two groups.  We will have a faster group that will average about 18-20 mph and a slow group that will average between 15-16mph.  That being said there is no designated sweeper behind me so you need to keep up with me at a minimum or you will be dropped.

There will be about 3,600 feet of climbing and you can add about another 500 feet by adding the Cuernavaca loop on the way back.  The route basically takes us down 620 to Anderson Mill to Spicewood to Jollyville to Mesa to Mt. Bonnell through Tarrytown on Scenic into downtown.  We will take a fluid break at Mellow Johnny’s and head back to Steiner Ranch via Shoal Creek.

Please print out the below route if you are not familiar with the area.

ROUTE 1 (on the way downtown to MJ – same as Route 2):


ROUTE 1 (on the way home via Shoal Creek):



TOUR DAS HUGEL – Saturday November 9, 2013 

This ride has 12,000 feet of climbing over 108 miles.  You will tackle almost all of the toughest hills in Austin.  The Tour Das Hugel now has a site with the route at http://www.dashugel.com/   The route has two loops around Austin and if you a single loop if you can get 50+ miles with over 6,000 feet of climbing.


THIRSTY PLANET BLAST OFF – Saturday November 9, 2013 

Bicycle Sport Shop is proud to partner with the Thirsty Planet Brewery to bring you this metric-century hammerfest, starting and ending at the brewery. Earn your wings on this 62-mile ride that includes portions of your favorite hill-riding challenges, such as the Dam Loop and Lost Creek, combined with some new twists and turns. Of course you’ll be motivated to cross the finish line, knowing that ice-cold Thirsty Planet brews and hearty burgers will be waiting for you there.  The cost to register is $60 and is limited to the first 250 riders.  You can register at http://blastoffride.com/

Ski Shore – Sunday November 10th at 8:30am at Cups & Cones

We will still leave from Cups & Cones and we will ride out to Ski Shores.  The ride is about 25 miles and about 2,000 feet of climbing.

This is a NO DROP ride and is fun but you should be able to average 14 – 15 mph.   There are always a couple road demons if you want to go a little faster.




JESTER KING BREWERY II CLUB RIDE – Saturday November 16, 2013  Dustin Dunnham and I are working on organizing another ride in November.  The date is confirmed for NOVEMBER 16th.  Don’t miss this ride!  We had about 140 riders last time and all club riders in Austin are invited.  This will be a FREE ride except for any donations you want to give to Cycling Swami for driving SAG.  He did an awesome job last time in supporting all of us.  You will also need some cash for beer and wood oven pizza.

That being said, www.CyclistLaw.com has sponsored us for $300 worth of pizza so that probably translates into the first 60 riders to finish.  So there will be an incentive to ride quickly or else you will be buying your own pizza.

DIRT DERBY – Every Tuesday between October 1st – December 17th  This appears to be a fun weekly ride for those that like to go fast and get a little dirty.   They offer rides for kids / juniors, beginner adults and more competitive MTB and Cyclocross enthusiasts.  You can learn more at www.dirtderby.com

MS150 – Saturday and Sunday April 12 – 13, 2014  The BP MS 150 is a two-day fundraising cycling ride organized by the National MS Society.  It’s not the miles that matter — it’s the unforgettable journey.   Steiner Ranch Cycling Club will be setting up a team in October so people can start signing up.  The ride starts in Houston and finishes in Austin.  We are working on some sponsorships right now so we will get back to you soon with details on all the cool stuff we are going to get.  This ride will cost $100 to register for and you will have to raise $400 in donations.  If someone raises more than $400 they will be able to shift there excess funds to another rider that has not hit their limit.  This is a Beef Team approved ride so 60% of the entry fee can be reimbursed.  More details to come over the coming weeks.