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March 8th and 9th Rides!

Laura Trott

Track Cycling World Championships 2014 – Womens

WEEKEND RECAP (March 1st and March 2nd)

Saturday we had two separate rides.  At least 7 riders went out and did the Bagel Ride and 16 of us met at C&C for what we thought was going to be the Triple B’s.  However, due to fog we all decided to change the route and did the Avery Ranch loop.  There was a reported at least 6 flats.

Sunday 10 riders showed up for the Sunday Social Ride.  The temperature started at 70 degrees but after a few minutes into the ride the temperature must have dropped 20 degrees.  Then for those that finished the ride it rained towards the end of the ride.


The fitting party was a success and we have 43 people sign up for a kit.  There was a vote and the 30 individuals have been selected and we will circulate that list over the coming week.  The ones that did not make the list can still order a Jersey or kit at cost.  I’ll be emailing you individually.

Our Committed Sponsors:  Resolute Fitness, Texas Beef Council, Austin City Living, FrontYrd, Dream Smiles Dental, PayPal, Descente Cycling and MapMyRide.  Sponsors please go to our website and check out your logo and links to make sure they are set up the way you want them.



Triple B’s – Saturday March 8th at 8:30am at Cups & Cones

The Triple B’s ride is approximately a 52 mile bike ride that will roll out from Cups & Cones at 8:30 am morning. The ride is scenic and it follows around the lake via lime creek and volente and there is about 2,100 feet of climbing.

We will bike out from Steiner Ranch and make the climb out to the 620 via the Steiner Ranch Steakhouse route then head down the 620 and make a left on Anderson Mill Rd. and then another left on 2769 (turns into Volente Rd) and head into Volente Village.  When we get to Volente Village we will make a right turn up the hill on Lime Creek Rd. towards the TRIPLE B’s.  After we get to the end of Lime Creek we make a right on Anderson Mill Rd a left on Zepplin and then a right on Sun Chase and then make our way over to Lakeline and then out to Crystal Falls Golf Course and then back to 620 via Anderson Mill and back to Steiner Ranch.  Cross the 620 onto Steiner Ranch Blvd. back down to Cups & Cones.

There will be a faster group travelling at speeds of 18-20 mph over the course of the route and we will also have less fast group travelling about 15-17mph.  Again there is no designated sweeper.

This ride is for experienced riders that have ridden with groups at high speeds.

Please see the course below:


SUNDAY SOCIAL RIDE – Sunday March 9th at 8:30am at Cups & Cones

On Sunday the Steiner Ranch Cycling Group (SRC) will roll out from Cups & Cones at 8:30 am this Sunday morning for either the Tour de Steiner Ranch or Ski Shores or some other mystery ride.  Typically we stay in Steiner Ranch.  This is a NO DROP RIDE.





February 8th and 9th Rides!

Taylor Phinney - Dubai 2014

Taylor Phinney – Dubai 2014

NEW KIT FITTING PARTY Please join us February 26th at The University of Texas Golf Club in Steiner Ranch in the bar area.  We will be doing fittings from 6pm until 8pm.  If you want a kit show up for the fitting or make arrangements with Tom Delaney at delaneyt@earthlink.net to drive out to his area for an alternative date to get fitted.  The kit looks awesome and we are making final touches.  Brandon O’Keefe has been our designer and he is making some final tweaks for us.  We are moving forward with Descente and we are going with the top of the line pro kits.  Tom Delaney is our contact there.  We have solidly committed 5 sponsors and trying to nail down the final two.  I have received checks from Austin City Living and Resolute Fitness.  If everything goes smoothly we may have our new kits by the end of March.

Happy hour runs all night on Wednesday the 26th which means half price drink specials.


The Strava highlights for last week by category are as follows (need to ride over 75 miles in the week to be included in stats below):

Distance                    Marek Kacprzak     194.4             Miles
Mountain Goat       Jason Schaller          1,645 Feet
Speed Demon         Andrew Struck        30.4 over 97.9 Total Miles


AUSTIN SCIENIC LOOP – Saturday February 8th at 8:30am at Cups & Cones

This Saturday the Steiner Ranch Cycling Club we will be doing the Scenic Loop.  The ride is about 56 miles round trip to and from Cups & Cones.

The ride will start at Cups & Cones and we will grind it out of Steiner Ranch via the Steiner Ranch Blvd hill up to 620.  We will take the 620 down to Anderson Mill Road and make a right on Spicewood.  Then we will work our way through a few neighborhoods and end up on Jollyville and work our down Jollyville through the Domain and will cross 360 and get onto Mesa up Mt. Bonnell and then ride through Terry Town and follow Scenic route along Lake Austin Blvd down to Mellow Johnny’s for a break.

Please print out the below route if you are not familiar with the route.

ROUTE 1 (on the way downtown to MJ):


ON the way back there are two routes.  I’ll be taking the Shoal Creek route but many go the Bee Caves route.  You will get to choose.

ROUTE 1 (on the way home via Shoal Creek):


We will probably have two groups.  We will have a faster group that will average about 18-20 mph and a slower group that will average between 15-16mph.  That being said there is no designated sweeper behind me so you need to keep up with me at a minimum or you will be dropped.

Mystery Ride – Sunday February 9th at 8:30am at Cups & Cones

Come join us for our Sunday easy (recovery) ride.  We will just meet and take a vote on Sunday but the rides can vary from Steiner Ranch, Ski Shores or some other local routes all of which will be under 30 miles.  The speeds can also vary but rarely average more than 15 mph.  This is a great ride if you are beginner, getting back into cycling, or just want an easier ride.