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May 10th [Steiner Ranch 6,000] and May 11th Rides!

Steiner Ranch 6,000
Steiner Ranch 6,000

Saturday there were three rides on Saturday.  The 50 Mile Damn Loop Ride, 60 Mile Scenic Ride and the 102 Mile Shiner ride.  We had club riders participate in all and between all three rides we had about 25 people out riding on Saturday.

Sunday there were two rides the Tour de Steiner Ranch which appeared to have at least 10 riders and a bunch of us headed out to Verter Ginestra Memorial Ride where there were at least 20 riders.  We had a pleasant Sunday 30 mile ride and then a nice lunch under the tree at the Antebellum Oaks Venue on Murfin Rd in Lakeway.

The CAPTAIN AMERICA kits should have been here Friday but it looks like it will probably be early this week.

STEINER RANCH 6,000 – Saturday May 10th at 7:30am at Cups & Cones

This Saturday we will be doing the Steiner Ranch 6,000 which is about 6,000 feet of climbing in 60 miles.  We will start the Saturday at 7:30am from Cups & Cones.  This will be a hard ride but there will be plenty of stops along the way and the pace will vary based on individual skill sets. We all had a great time last year and this should be a good prep ride for the Real Ale ride next weekend.  This year we will have a no drop sweeper for the ride.  Nilson volunteered to ride sweep for those that want to take it at a slower pace.

Below is the route:

  1. Steiner Ranch Blvd up towards 620  [regroup at the top of the hill]
  2. 620 (R)
  3. 4 Points Dr. (R)
  4. River Pl Blvd (R)
  5. Big View (L)
  6. Narrow Ridge Dr. (L)
  7. 911 Emergency Rd (R)
  8. Glenlake Dr. (L)
  9. City Park Rd. (R)
  10. Peace Rd (L)
  11. City Park Rd. (R)
  12. W. Courtyard Blvd (R)
  13. 360 (R)  [fluid brake at Wag-A-Bag on 360 on the way up hill]
  14. Bee Caves Rd. (R)
  15. Cuernavaca Dr (R)
  16. River Hills Rd. (R)
  17. Bee Cave Rd (R)
  18. Bee Cave Pkwy (R) [fluid brake at Walgreens.  When you make your right onto Bee Cave Pkwy and then turn right again at first driveway]
  19. 620 (R)
  20. Lakeway Blvd (L)
  21. Highlands Blvd (L)
  22. Bee Creek Rd (R)
  23. Bob Wire Rd (L)  [fluid break at gas station on left corner of Bob Wire and 71]
  24. 71 (R)
  25. RO Dr (R)
  26. Bee Creek Rd (R)
  27. Highlands Blvd (L)
  28. Lakeway Blvd (R)
  29. 620 (L)
  30. Murfin Rd. (R)
  31. Pecan Dr. (L) [At end of road turn around and head back up Pecan Dr.]
  32. Murfin Rd (R)
  33. 620 (R) [At this point there is no designated fluid stops but feel free to stop and grab a drink if you feel compelled.  There are plenty of gas stations and other stores to grab some drinks or food]
  34. Mansfield Dam Low Water Crossing [This is an option that want to add another 250 feet of climbing and want a safer route over the dam]
  35. 620 (R)
  36. Steiner Ranch Blvd (R) [Take this back down into Steiner Ranch and follow it all the way around to Cups & Cones]
  37. Cups & Cones (R) [take a right into the C&C parking lot as soon as you pass the fire station]This is going to be a challenging ride.  There will be some that go fast but most will be going at a slow to moderate pace the entire time.  The goal of this ride is simply to finish and say that you completed the Steiner Ranch 6,000.  This ride is really the dam loop with a few added hills.


SUNDAY SOCIAL RIDE – Sunday May 11th at 8:30am at Cups & Cones

On Sunday the Steiner Ranch Cycling Group (SRC) will roll out from Cups & Cones at 8:30 am this Sunday morning for either the Tour de Steiner Ranch or Ski Shores or some other mystery ride.  Typically we stay in Steiner Ranch.  This is a NO DROP RIDE.





Have any questions feel free to email Dante Fichera at dantefichera@gmail.com